Tv host, actress and Peruvian model. Recognized in the Peruvian television world since she was 18 years old.

  • Miss Lima 2016
  • Finalist at the Miss Peru World 2006

Throughout her career, she has ventured as an actress in prestigious Peruvian Tv series and plays:

  • Asi Es La Vida (comic series, for America TV, channel 4)
  • Al Fondo Hay Sitio (comic series, by America Tv, channel 4)
  • Marsano Theater (Play: The Last of The Burning Lovers)

She was the main character for 4 years of Peru’s best-known Entertainment TV show «Esto Es Guerra»

She has been the Tv Host of numerous Tv Shows in Peru, including:

  • «Escape Perfecto» (TV show contest, recorded at the TeleFe studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • «Estas en Todas» (tv magazine program, by América Televisión, channel 4)
  • «Versus de Colegio» (TV show contest, for América Televisión, channel 4)

Now a days she is the Tv Host of 3 Tv Shows:

  • «América Espectáculos» (News, E- Entertainment, for América Televisión, channel 4)
  • «Tinka» (Lottery program, by Panamericana Tv, channel 5)
  • «Trapitos Al Aire» (Music program, by Willax Tv)

She also is the owner of «Show Gatimania» , company that works with children’s entertainment.


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